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Green Divas 10.8.11 - Lightbulb Confusion & SXSW Eco
October 08, 2011 Green Diva Meg

If you've experienced eco-lightbulb confusion, you'll love the GD Correspondent report from GD Sandy Holtzman in NY about a new App that helps us identify the best lightbulbs (and where to find them) for our individual needs. This led to some discussion later in the show about electricity and coal. Our Sleeping Naked is Green segment was all about community sharing, borrowing and bartering. Lots of discussion about ecovillages and other ways we can share books and everything! Our feature interview was with Philip Campbell, who is visiting Austin, TX from the UK to be at the SXSW Eco event. He gave a great report (even though the audio was pretty rough from the phone he had to borrow to be on the show with us). It's worth listening to because he talks about his new Living Ark Project, where he will be going into the forest and living in an eco-pod with his 4-year old daughter for a year!

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